The Care@home system is an integrated alarm solution designed to enable the aging population to stay in their home for longer. The system features multiple sensors that track and record the activity of the resident. The system will instantly alert a contact centre if there are any major deviations to the residents routine. The Care@Home system also links directly to a dedicated app that lets a clients family know if there is anything to be concerned about, allowing them to act quickly in the case of a health emergency. Care@Home is a flexible solution that can be customised to suit the needs of each client, our friendly installation team will explain in simple language how the system works.

Our installation process is simple and fast, meaning you can be completely set up with Care@Home in about as long as it takes to have a cup of tea. The care@home system is designed to be low-lying and unintrusive so as to not clutter your home. All systems are supported with emergency battery systems that will keep the unit active until a technician arrives to fix it or until the power to the unit turns back on. We offer a selection of wearable accessories that act as extensions to the base unit which means even if you have a fall outside your house you are still able to call for help.

If you are interested in this solution please feel free to get in touch with our Digital Health Team here.






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