About Ericom

A lot has changed in IT since we started out and every year the world is becoming increasingly dependent on reliable IT for business. Ericom is proud to say that we have remained at the head of the pack when it comes to delivering high-quality IT solutions.

The shift to an IT-fuelled world is something that we have championed since the early days and our business practice comes from a place of deep understanding across voice, video, data and mobile.We strive to provide high quality, professional service and every year since our inception we’ve honed the skills of our staff to ensure that we only deliver the best quality service for you and your business.

At Ericom, we are committed to not only delivering a range of great solutions and services but also delivering high-quality customer experience. from the very top of our organisation to the bottom it is our mission to ensure that your experience with Ericom is a positive and memorable one. This commitment is ingrained in the values of not only our management team but also our office staff, sales team, and technicians.

Our Values

Our team is made up of the best and brightest, we are constantly seeking to challenge ourselves and grow.


“To support our clients every day by delivering peace of mind, improved productivity, expert advice and first class service, allowing them to focus on their business and prosper.”


“Strive every day to learn something new, improve our innovation, strengthen our team and grow professionally, allowing us all to share in the combined wisdom and develop our business so we can all prosper.”


Integrity: Honesty compassion with strong values

Respect: Treat people the way you want to be treated

Ownership: If it must be, it’s up to me

Leadership: Shaping a strong future

Passion: From the heart and from the mind

Collaboration: Work with your peers and partners for a better outcome

Learning: Challenge yourself with technology

Fun: Reward your hard work


Thoughtful and engaged, Ericom’s leadership is committed to ensuring not only the financial success of the business but the development and improvement of all staff. Wisdom and experience are actively shared between our staff and management with the intention of passing on the skills and tools that our business leaders have developed over time so that our business will operate at maximum efficiency into the future.



The Problem

In IT, the worst-case scenario is an unreliable network that is expensive to maintain. the last thing you need as a business owner is IT that keeps letting you down or even worse leaves you vulnerable to cyber-crime. when it comes to IT prevention is better than a cure.


Our Solution

Every single one of our solutions is geared towards avoiding the worst care scenario. We pride ourselves on having the knowhow to design, deliver and support systems and networks which remain dependable and cost-efficient, year in, year out. With Ericom you can expect that the personnel looking after your needs are certified experts.


What's The Benefit of Ericom

We are vendor agnostic, meaning that we use hardware and software from a range of Tier 1 suppliers. Whereas other IT companies may try and push the sole brand they have a partnership with, Ericom works with a range of partners to develop the best possible solution that is right for you.

Latest News

Brad Sullivan – 15.01.20

Ericom Major Sponsor for Bush Fire Charity Match

We are proud to announce that Ericom is a major sponsor of The Football for Firies charity match between Albion Park City FC and Wollongong Wolves Football Club As you know t...

Brad Sullivan – 04.11.19

A day on the green for the Ericom sales team.

  It was a smoggy day on the green for Joel, Graeme, and Greg as they whipped out the 9-irons to raise a bit of money for the Returned Services League LifeCare. RSL Life...

Brad Sullivan – 14.10.19

Ericom featured on CISCO website

We were recently featured in a great article from CISCO about our work with the folks at Blue Haven Care down in Kiama. Partner Success Story Having the support of a close...

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