IT Security

Network Security

Is your business safe? In the digital workplace, you need credible insights to protect your business against cybercrime, employees and the competitive market. The safety of your business data in a digital world is critical. You need to take practical steps to ensure the safety of your people and your business, it just makes good business sense. Ericom offers an extensive range of on-site and cloud-based Network Security Solutions that will enable you to operate without fear of data breaches. In 2018 the Australian Government launched the Notifiable Data Breach scheme, a measure to ensure that organisations who are victims of data breaches must notify any and all clients when such a breach occurs. This increased scrutiny can be disastrous for a business’s image and can tarnish your reputation as a reliable organisation for years to come. Why run the risk of a data breach? You wouldn’t go home at the end of the workday and leave the front door of your office wide open so why should your network security be any different? Network security should be a serious consideration of any business that collects and stores data.

Email Security

Emails are one of the most common targets for cybercriminals. With increased legal pressure to ensure client data security, it is now more important than ever before to ensure that your email systems can combat the rising tide of cybercrime. We implement seamless and easy to use email systems that your staff can use safely in the knowledge that their confidential data is secure.

Security Consulting

With nearly 25 years’ experience consulting on and delivering network security we have seen time and time again the importance of keeping your network security up to date. Many businesses have faced the consequences of being ill-prepared for a cyber-attack and often the results are devastating. We understand this, that’s why we take every step to ensure that the solutions we deliver are secure. We take a tailored approach that includes a comprehensive audit of your systems and face-to-face contact with our expert team of technicians to establish the scope and produce the best recommendations for your business.

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