Is having a firewall enough to protect your business from cybercrime ?

Some of us love the thrill of being risk-takers. While an activity like bungee jumping, or leaping out of a plane is one of our bucket lists, most of us – thankfully – realise the benefits of being more cautious when it comes to our business. So, is having a firewall or intrusion detection software enough to protect your business from cybercrime or do you require additional network security software?

A firewall or intrusion detection software alone would have been fine in days gone by and if you fancy being a risk-taker, when it comes to your profits, the answer would be similarly – it will do. Network security software and IT experts like us would certainly want to see it incorporated into your IT protection strategy.

The fact is cybercriminals are beating many of us right now. They’ve found ways to get into well-known businesses (think Yahoo!, David Jones, Kmart, ANZ and Sony) as well as first-world governments (think US and Australian governments). While it’s tempting to think they’re only interested in big guns, that’s not the case. The major companies make the headlines, but any business is a target these days.

So not having network security software is a bit like not having building and content insurance. You can take the risk and ignore it, but perhaps will regret it were you “flooded” by hackers.

As we discussed in this blog, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are very real these days and you need to be aware about what they can do to you technologically. A US report found nearly 30% of reporting DDoS attacks create massive data losses a company can’t recover from, so the potential snowball from this is huge.

If you’ve been holding back from considering network security software because you’re hesitant about the costs, performance or efficacy, we need to outline some common mistakes many businesses made about network security.

The first is a normal human reaction – you think you won’t be targeted. It would be wise to change that mindset right now. Secondly, some businesses think network security only involves IT. In fact, it ought to be a part of the corporate ethos from the top down. Thirdly, some naively do still believe anti-virus software and a firewall is enough. Another stumbling block is not being aware that these network security software protections need regular updating. Another blind spot is not having software that can monitor the endpoints of your system. This is when working with an expert team who can outline, install and monitor the right network security software for you can be invaluable.

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