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MBC Employment

MBC Employment Services have been empowering individuals to meet their personal and professional goals. Established in 1991 and operating across 18 sites across AU, MBC is a locally owned and operated foundation member of the Australian Federal Governments ‘Employment Services Contracts’ They work in collaboration with government, industry, non-for-profit organisations to deliver innovative, cost effective and sustainable employment solutions to both employers and job seekers. They place people into meaningful work within the community and connect businesses together with their people.

Ericom have been assisting MBC for over 5 years through a vast range of IT requirements across their NBN, transitioning the business across to teams calling, managing their IT environment and developing solutions across their Wi-Fi infrastructure and mobile device management needs.

Through our partnership with Telstra, Telstra’s infrastructure has provided the necessary coverage and access across the regional sites which has allowed MBC to engage effectively in these locations.

Ericom have provided MBC with the necessary capabilities to evolve their business by introducing modern approaches through our experience in market to deliver solutions aligned to the latest technologies and future objectives. We work with MBC’s CEO collaboratively to ensure the business is working together with Ericom every step of the way and establishing their larger IT strategy with us.

We continue to support MBC in their current operations and assist them on their technology journey.