Call Flow automation and Work Flow automation

Callflow Automation

Every call into your business is valuable and could be a potential sale. To ensure that every interaction your customers have with your organisation is a positive one we have a range of call flow automation systems that deliver a seamless calling experience both into and throughout your entire organisation. Businesses looking to reduce lead times and increase productivity need to consider workflow automation as a central part of their business practice.

Workflow Automation 

Workflow automation is the process of integrating IT tools into your workflow in order to streamline the processes of your business. Our tools can drastically reduce lead times on goods and services and in turn increase the productivity of your business.

Self Service

Self-service is a keystone of successful customer experience and one of the best ways to streamline your call flow, cut costs and increase sales. Our self-service systems will reduce wait times on calls, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and reduce lost productivity. Imagine the number of missed opportunities for your business as a result of missed or frustrating calls. Self-service also reduces operating costs associated with having staff operating phones. Our cost-effective plans will ensure that you will be using the most intelligent and class-leading self-service solutions that work for your business. Self-service can be delivered as a standalone or packaged with our range of other solutions.


Increasingly AI is becoming the tool that businesses are using to streamline their practices. By automating the types of processes that would otherwise need to be manned all the time. We will create a seamless user experience for your customers that will improve customer satisfaction.

 Reception Call Handling

We’ve all been there, you call up a business for something easy, you wait, and you wait but all of a sudden, it’s been 30 minutes and you have been listening to Beethoven on a loop for what feels like an eternity. You get fed up put the phone down and disavow the business.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Businesses of all sizes need reliable reception and call handling tools, every call to your business not properly handled can result in lost sales or productivity. We have a range of class-leading solutions that can ensure that everybody who calls your business is handled effectively and that they are transferred to the right person the first time they call.

Quality Control

We want to ensure that your business runs smoothly and for that to happen. We offer a number of solutions that will enable you to exert a greater degree of control over your business activity. Our tools will enable you to monitor and control which will reduce lost productivity and allow you to manage your product more effectively.

Voice Recording

Voice recording is an invaluable tool for businesses that are looking to improve productivity and have an increased overview of their business activities and telephone calls. By recording incoming calls, you are able to identify gaps in staff training as well as identifying potential opportunities for future sales. Our solutions will allow you to record, store and playback recorded calls in an easy and accessible manner that will empower you to make decisions that are informed by real staff interactions with customers.

 Workforce management simple or complex

We understand the complexity of managing a workforce, that’s why we offer a range of class-leading workforce management solutions that suite the size and scale of your operation. By digitising your workforce management, we are able to streamline the more convoluted aspects of running a business into simple to use and flexible solutions that won’t let you down.

If you have any queries or would like a demonstration of our product then please get in touch with our friendly staff here.

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