Contact Centre

We know that the customer is the #1 priority because it’s a mantra we practice ourselves. Your capacity to provide a personal and efficient service depends on having a contact centre that helps rather than hinders. Ericom specialises in developing and delivering multi-channel contact centers, capable of intelligent routing and proactive contact management.

Customised contact centres can feature:

  • Inbound/outbound call capacity
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Social media monitoring
  • Screen and voice recording
  • Workforce management

On-Premise or Hybrid

We understand that not every business is the same, because of this we want to ensure that you have flexibility when it comes to selecting your networking tools. We have a range of options for networking that includes on-site infrastructure as well as hybrid systems which means we can deliver a solution that works for you no matter the size of your business.


Many businesses are moving towards cloud-based networking and it is easy to understand why. The hassle of managing on-premise networking systems can be a massive headache. Cloud computing enables you to seamlessly do business without worrying about networking hardware. Our cloud solutions are tailored to match the needs of your organisation and range from simple to complex.

Customer Experience (CX)

 Customer Experience is the sum of a client’s experience with an organisation, this stems from every interaction or “touchpoint” they have with an organisation from a salesperson call to visiting an organisations place of business. Ericom strives to create a Customer Experience that is consistent across the entire enterprise.  We understand how frustrating it can be navigating new tech, software and hardware and that is why we take every step to ensure that the experience of using our services is simple and stress free.


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