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Each project Ericom delivers brings with it new perspectives and experiences, making us who we are today. Our clients span non-profits, corporations, small businesses and large government agencies, and we are proud to work with such an array of organisations in a multitude of sectors. We celebrate our customers’ wins and help them through their challenges because we know that success is built on relationships, not transactions.

What follows are a selected number of case studies that demonstrate our approach in action and showcase our capabilities.

Ericom (then M2K) assisted Jemena’s internal IT teams with users’ day-to-day mobility needs, taking the pressure off staff who could focus on their core business activities and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing customers were being kept up to date.


M2K manages Jemena’s mobility services queue within our ServiceNow portal. The integration is achieved through direct vendor login and has enabled M2K to manage day-to-day requests and processing of tasks.

M2K attend to service faults, adds, moves and changes; provisioning of devices; billing analysis and billing credit issues directly to Telstra on behalf of Jemena.

Our team have visibility and transparency of all activities through updates to the tasks and requests, including tracking numbers and a link to Startrack’s online tracking portal.

Jemena has found the collaboration with M2K to be very beneficial – we have been able to leverage M2K’s expertise to assist our users with their day-to-day mobility needs. This support has reduced the burden on our internal Service Desk team and frees them to focus on their core business activities. M2K provides piece-of-mind to the IT teams, who know our end users are being directly kept up-to-date. We know M2K’s support is working thanks to the positive user experience feedback we receive.

Ericom acquired M2K in January 2020

Ericom partnered with Telstra to deliver a major upgrade to Blue Haven Aged Care’s facilities, unifying their IT set-up to become what it is today – a well-connected, fast and reliable system enjoyed by staff and residents.

Kiama Council

Having the support of a close-knit community is more important than ever in the golden years of life. At Blue Haven Aged Care, nestled near Australia’s coast in New South Wales (NSW), the retired and elderly enjoy a high level of camaraderie and care in its residential communities.

Blue Haven’s people are interconnected—but you couldn’t say the same about its wireless networks. Until recently, the head office’s network consisted of motley equipment from different vendors. Monitoring and troubleshooting the piecemeal system was challenging because it lacked a single management portal to tie the network together.

When Blue Haven expanded, breaking ground on a new retirement village in Bonaira, they urgently needed a fresh solution. Luckily, they found Telstra who partnered with Ericom, a NSW based systems integrator specialising in unified network systems.

Telstra and Ericom came to the rescue with an end-to-end solution. Their partnership provided a resilient, scalable and highly available solution.

From its switches and access points to its wireless local-area network (LAN), every aspect works together to form a cohesive whole. Best of all, Blue Haven has a single portal for all their network management needs, as well as ongoing technical support from Ericom.

Today, the residents and staff at Blue Haven Bonaira are reaping the benefits of their unified core network. With a nurse-call system integrated into the Wi-Fi, residents enjoy greater safety and can easily communicate their location when they need assistance.

The Telstra | Ericom, partnership provided dependable wireless that lets the Blue Haven Bonaira residents keep in touch more easily with each other and their near and dear ones.

The single point of contact for support across infrastructure, software and strategy, Ericom has stood side-by-side with MBC Employment Services as it evolves its staff environment and services to include technologies that enhance the wonderful work they do in the community.

MBC Employment

MBC Employment Services have been empowering individuals to meet their personal and professional goals. Established in 1991 and operating across 18 sites across AU, MBC is a locally owned and operated foundation member of the Australian Federal Governments ‘Employment Services Contracts’ They work in collaboration with government, industry, non-for-profit organisations to deliver innovative, cost effective and sustainable employment solutions to both employers and job seekers. They place people into meaningful work within the community and connect businesses together with their people.

Ericom have been assisting MBC for over 5 years through a vast range of IT requirements across their NBN, transitioning the business across to teams calling, managing their IT environment and developing solutions across their Wi-Fi infrastructure and mobile device management needs.

Through our partnership with Telstra, Telstra’s infrastructure has provided the necessary coverage and access across the regional sites which has allowed MBC to engage effectively in these locations.

Ericom have provided MBC with the necessary capabilities to evolve their business by introducing modern approaches through our experience in market to deliver solutions aligned to the latest technologies and future objectives. We work with MBC’s CEO collaboratively to ensure the business is working together with Ericom every step of the way and establishing their larger IT strategy with us.

We continue to support MBC in their current operations and assist them on their technology journey.

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