Why Ericom

Ericom stands at the forefront when it comes to delivering high-quality technology solutions that inspire extraordinary human experiences to thrive. With the landscape of technology changing at rapid pace, the demand to supply risk reduced, secure, and agile solutions has become ever paramount. Our job is to remain so focused on the people we’re tasked to support and their goals, that our technology solutions become virtually invisible.

Our technology services complement our extensive mobility, connectivity, collaboration, cloud, managed services, and security offerings. They provide access to experienced specialists who can streamline IT operations, facilitate stress-free projects and keep IT maintenance costs to a minimum. With over 30 years’ experience working across numerous industries and government organisations, Ericom’s leadership team is committed to deliver best practice across all business verticals.

How we make a difference

Whether you work in private enterprise, government or for a multinational corporation, we develop solutions that solve key business challenges. Here’s how we take you from where you are now, to where you want to be…

  • 1

    Match technology to business objectives

    We get to know your organisation before recommending a solution. To deliver outcomes that align with your business goals, we identify the vision first and make technology suggestions second.

  • 2

    Leverage your existing IT investments

    As part of our customer-focused strategy, we help you extract maximum value from existing IT investments first. Then we consider how to add new technologies to achieve an optimal future state.

  • 3

    Make your IT work smarter, not harder

    Great IT solutions don’t need to be complicated. We simplify your IT by providing a clear roadmap and sweating the details – details deliver extraordinary humanised technology experiences to enable your team and your customers to thrive.

  • 4

    Deliver intelligent, actionable insights

    We help you work more efficiently and achieve greater return on investment by providing data-driven recommendations. Through Intelligent Insights we proactively leverage data analytics to better serve our customers.

Our Trusted Partners

When considering the best fit technologies to achieve your IT strategies, we adopt a vendor agnostic approach – meaning we partner with top tier world-leading hardware and software vendors to offer total hybrid solutions to achieve the best outcomes and return on investment for your business.

Our Team

  • Executive

    Our executives have years of experience and are committed to deliver best practice across all business verticals. They understand the foundation to delivering the right technology is to employ skilled leaders in their respective field and to continue investing in their development. They nurture our strong workplace culture, set the strategic direction of the business and drive our True Partnership philosophy.

  • Account Executives

    We deliver a customer-first experience by identifying challenges and business objectives and establishing solution roadmaps – then overlay the right technology. By listening deeply, being innovative, solving problems, and focusing on outcomes, we can make a positive difference.

  • Solutions

    All Ericom Solution team members are specialists in their fields and experts at creating persona driven not just technology driven solutions. By investing time up front to understand your business, and uncovering pain points we can address the end user experience.

  • Mobility Services

    We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service, whether it’s day one of our engagement, or day 600. Our Mobility Services team members provide quality service and day-to-day support to maintain customer satisfaction.

  • Managed Services

    By effectively supporting business we remove the focus from technology, placing importance and visibility on end user outcomes. By combining technical expertise with business intelligence, it offers customers unparalleled service and support.

  • Program

    With over 40 years of combined experience, our Program team ensures even the most complex ICT projects are delivered on time and on budget. They keep customers in the loop and minimise business disruption.

  • Project

    Our certified project delivery engineers and technology specialists work closely with our Program team and vendor partners. They deliver and implement leading-edge solutions that lead to tangible outcomes for our customers.

  • Product

    Ericom’s Product team delivers and supports high quality products for our customers. It leverages its strong vendor partnerships to supply customers with access to innovative technologies that deliver real business value.

  • Operations

    Our Operations team is the glue that binds Ericom together. It serves two crucial functions: overseeing office management and optimising customer experience by challenging the processes underpinning our service delivery.

Our Leaders

Kyle Page
Hailing from Yeppoon, Queensland, Kyle Page still has the approachable, down-to-earth style of a country kid. But he matches that energy and optimism with sharp business instincts, strong leadership and the drive to make things happen. From selling fax machines, dial-up internet and car phones in the eighties to AI-enhanced drones and IoT tools today, Kyle’s as passionate as they come about the power of technology to transform businesses, organisations and people. A flair for building relationships and collaborating with vendors, partners, customers and staff to work towards common goals has got Kyle to where he is today as CEO of a growing $50 million company. He may be a Wollongong-convert but Kyle’s still very much a Queenslander at heart and shows his true colours every State of Origin.

The Core Code

Welcome to our company values, a ‘code’ that was written and endorsed by the very people that believe this is what we uphold every day here at Ericom.

My passion drives my ownership
Through my ownership I retain integrity
My integrity encourages collaboration
By collaborating, I am continually learning
Through continuous learning I discover innovation
When I innovate, I gain efficiency
When I am efficient, I have more time for fun
Having fun at work allows me to shine
When I shine, my invisible excellence is revealed
These values yield our greatness.
One day, or day one, it’s our decision.
We are Ericom

Our True Partnerships

With a True Partnership philosophy underpinning everything we do, our customer-focused technology solutions deliver real value. Built on the principles of trust, collaboration, accountability and dependability, True Partnership is our commitment to your success.