We are leaving a positive trace

We care about our carbon footprint; We are so passionate about it we’ve just become carbon neutral.

Fresh air. Clean waterways. Fertile lands. Mother nature has certainly created and gifted us countless natural resources that over time sadly many of us have taken for granted. However, recognising the effects of human-caused global changes is one step towards resetting a brighter future for our future generations.

There is no doubt we are at a defining moment in time, we can make a difference via change. Individuals and businesses need to take responsibility to lessen the impact we make on the earth, that’s why Ericom has proudly joined forces with Trace. Trace makes it easy for us to estimate and offset our emissions.

Ericom is officially a carbon neutral business. This means for every tonne of CO2 we offset, Trace buys a carbon credit from one of their amazing projects, they also plant trees because trees are awesome and have long lasting environment impact because they draw down CO2 throughout their lifetime.

“We think globally but act locally. Ericom along with our employees and customers will play a part in restoring the riches of the earth. We are very passionate about spearheading our programs to reduce waste, reduce plastic use, to reduce energy use, deployment to solar energy, reduce dependencies on cars, and to announce Ericom is now carbon neutral. Ericom will be offering products and services with a carbon offset program to help our customers on our same journey.” said Kyle Page, CEO.

Perhaps our passion for the environment stems from a diverse set of upbringings the leadership team bring to the fold. We recognise it is the small details that can make a great impact, recently introducing a more sustainable contactless digital business card system, eliminating the need for printing traditional cards.

Becoming carbon neutral is our step to making a difference to environmental sustainability. You can track how many CO2 emissions we have removed from the atmosphere and read about the projects we are supporting via our Trace impact report. View report >  

We are committed to taking positive climate action and will continue to look for pathways to further reduce our footprint for the earth and its people.

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