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There’s been a lot happening at Ericom in recent years, from transitioning through a company merger to carving out new niches in exciting fields for innovation. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about latest developments at Ericom, project highlights, and industry insights from our team.

Microsoft Surface Hub the future of collaboration is here

Microsoft Surface Hub the future of collaboration is here

Unlock the power of your people with tech that brings meetings to life.

If there is one silver lining from the pandemic we’d like to celebrate, it’s the accelerated adoption of cloud tools that help teams collaborate more effectively and from anywhere.

In the past year we have seen so many businesses radically improve productivity by getting video conferencing and collaboration right. Staff can now work more flexibly from home, on-site or any other location. This change, long overdue for many companies, has reduced downtime, improved operational efficiency, boosted connectivity between interstate offices, saved money and minimised the risk of relying on on-site assets.
But as technology is always one step ahead, the reality is Microsoft Teams Calling for Office 365 is just the beginning of digital transformation for the modern-day hybrid office.

Cue the arrival early this year of the second generation of the Microsoft Surface Hub family, Microsoft Surface Hub S2 For Business.

Like a shared, floating PC with more collaboration features than any device your staff have laid their hands on, this virtual whiteboard-on-wheels really does take interactive meetings, video conferencing and remote teamwork to a whole new dimension.

It is no exaggeration to say a tool like this could be a game-changer for improving team cohesion and communication flow, and enhancing the way staff develop and execute their ideas. And what business doesn’t pine for all of that?

Hub S2 is essentially everything you could ask for to conduct a frictionless, immersive meeting with on-site staff, as well as remote team members dialing in from home or other office locations. Sixty percent lighter than its predecessor, Hub S2’s sleek, ultra-thin surface has one-touch access to natively run Microsoft Whiteboard and all the familiar Microsoft 365 apps including Teams, Office and Skype Calling for Business.

Every detail has been designed to make remote teamwork as vivid, interactive and seamless as possible – from the neat snap-back design of the detachable 4K camera to the precision-inking pen that tidies up your handwriting.

As a results-driven systems integrator hovering on the bleeding edge, we love nothing more than helping our clients make the right technology investments at the right time.

Extract the best the Hub has to offer with support from Ericom. Providing expertise in unified communications and software-integration, Ericom is now on board as a supplier of the Hub S2. We can seamlessly implement Hub S2 in your workplace, while also offering cost-effective managed service options that ensure you get the most out of this transformative tool.

If your business is about bringing teams together across office boundaries and helping them do their best work, Surface Hub 2S could deliver the next big breakthrough for your organisation. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Hub S2 in a nutshell

  • Available in 85” for larger rooms and 50” for smaller spaces with stand and trolley options
  • Brilliant 4K camera, far-field mics and crystal-clear speakers project larger than life image and sound quality from the meeting room to remote desks and back again
  • Hub S2 can be mounted on a wall or on wheels for added flexibility, making it suited to the post-pandemic office where hot-desking is more common and some offices have downsized
  • Interactive whiteboard tools like the Surface Hub 2S Pen provide a new perspective on familiar apps and promote higher levels of engagement and creativity – up to three pens can used simultaneously and the pen is so responsive it looks and feels like real ink on the screen
  • Two-hour battery charge, allowing for meetings to be conducted literally anywhere
  • One-touch access to all the familiar Microsoft apps without the need for any other device in the room
  • Creates a dynamic office energy, with team members moving around the screen while collaborating live with remote team members who appear crystal-clear on the screen
  • Promotes better comprehension, brainstorming, and problem-solving and more active participation from otherwise passive meeting members
  • Supports social distancing with less team members required in one space to conduct an engaging and productive meeting
  • Multiple screens can be tiled together or used side-by-side for a larger display
  • Empowers leadership to do more in a visually compelling way

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Microsoft Surface Hub the future of collaboration is here

Closing the digital gap in country schools

Closing the digital gap in country schools

Helping rural and regional students access high-performing internet.

One of the benefits of working with a medium sized company like Ericom is the relationships we are able to build. A recent example of our True Partnership philosophy in action was our work with 56 rural and regional schools across NSW as part of the Connected Country Schools Wi-Fi program.

CCS was a $46 million dollar state government project that has significantly improved connectivity for 180,000 regional and rural school students in 900 schools across NSW. Thanks to major installations of high performing Wi-Fi infrastructure, these country kids now have better access to online learning tools and resources, streaming media, global educational institutions and more.

Ericom played an important role in the delivery of this project, which took place between 2017 and 2019. Our cabling team rolled out complete wireless network upgrades in 56 schools throughout NSW, from Albury all the way to Tamworth. As a result of our efficiency, flexibility and high-standards, Ericom became one of the trusted partners for this project.

Ericom was then called in to do remediation works in schools where there were outstanding defects left by other contractors. This led to further engagement with the Department of Education on communications works and customised communications solutions in rural and regional schools. We ended up doing 20 sites across the state, and our work for the DoE continues.

“We are now working on the metro schools network uplift (MNU), completing full wireless replacements to enable 10-gig capabilities over optical fibre,” says Digital Health and Infrastructure Team Leader Tate English.

Ericom is also taking part in similar works for the state’s rural access gap network uplift (RAGNU).

A big take-home from our success on the CCS project is that doing the job well – being meticulous, courteous and not cutting corners – pays off.

Well done to the team of 15 in our cabling department who are doing us proud with their commitment to invisible excellence.

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Contributed by: Tate English, Digital Health and Infrastructure Team Leader

Closing the digital gap in country schools

SD-WAN an Australian perspective

SD-WAN an Australian perspective

SD-WAN is not easy. There, I said it.

Vendors would have us believe that implementation of SD-WAN is ‘simple’ and ‘easy’. That may hold true for greenfield businesses with a handful of sites but in the real world, organisations that stand to benefit the most from SD-WAN tend to be multi-site, have data centre requirements, consume Cloud services and run a plethora of business applications over their traditional Wide Area Network. For these customers, SD-WAN is NOT easy.

There is no SD-WAN standard, each vendor – and there are many – implements their SD-WAN product differently with unique features, functionality, approach and value proposition. The devil is in the detail and the ‘under the hood’ nuances of each vendor is mind-bogglingly complex even for the seasoned network engineers among us.

In my view, SD-WAN’s global audience is targeted towards nations where an Internet-Internet SD-WAN solution makes sense, connecting two diverse Service Provider’s internet services into an SD-WAN appliance and allowing the SD-WAN solution to choose the internet path with the lowest latency, packet loss and jitter to the destination resource.

Whilst this may work effectively in places like the USA, here in Australia, the drive for an assured network with guaranteed packet delivery and Quality of Service to support critical Business Applications sees many organisations adopt an augmented approach with MPLS-Internet services in their SD-WAN.

Most multi-site Domestic Australian businesses we consult with utilise a range of WAN connectivity technologies including MPLS, Layer 2 and Internet services and have complex existing route-based networks with each underlay technology providing unique characteristics and value, and each playing a part in a properly considered SD-WAN architecture.

I find that without a deep understanding of your existing network, the considered impact of an SD-WAN solution into a network and the co-existence of legacy and SD-WAN offices, the true benefit of SD-WAN remains unrealised or worse yet, a failed migration to SD-WAN.

Here at Ericom, we understand the complexities and challenges of implementing small, medium and large-scale SD-WAN solutions and believe taking the time to properly consult with your business, understand the existing network, and consider the impact of migration through our bespoke High Level and Low Level Designs.

We find this approach ultimately aides the successful implementation of SD-WAN whilst delivering a true return on investment. At face-value, an SD-WAN solution may look easy but experience tells us that it’s not.

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Contributed by: Adam Khan, Solutions Group Team Technical Services

SD-WAN an Australian perspective

Ericom set to deliver more services than ever

Ericom set to deliver more services than ever

The acquisition of MSP provider proves successful venture.

When Ericom purchased Melbourne based managed services provider M2K Technology Solutions in January 2020 the intention was clear, they would operate as two separate businesses and integrate mobility services in to their NSW offering.

Enter Covid-19, a global pandemic that would invariably reset Ericom’s course for the future. Ericom CEO Kyle Page shared “We had just purchased M2K and two months later were in total lockdown, talk about a curve ball. We had to move 100+ staff from both businesses to work from home in a matter of days – that was probably when it was first evident, we were dealing with something really special.”

As remote working days turned into weeks that turned into months what the Ericom Executive team noticed unfolding was two companies there were harmoniously syncing across multiple layers of the business. “It was a no brainer” Page said. “The capabilities each company brought to the fold perfectly filled the service offering gaps in each business and when we combined this with the unique team integration, it was evident the way forward was to join the knowledge, skills, and services to create one formidable technology partner.”

Delivering latest technologies and service remains Ericom’s priority. Now with a combined team of over 100 Ericom can offer access to a wider range of experts which means they can ensure the right skilled person, regardless of geographic location, is assigned to provide the right solutions for your business. “We now have more technicians to provide fast and effective support and boast a broader skillset matrix with a reach from New Zealand to Western Australia and down the eastern seaboard covering the various time zones at different times of the year.”

Page said “Our objective is to continue delivering greater outcomes for businesses, their people and customers to ensure they thrive. It is our belief that we can absolutely achieve this through collaboration, being accountable and dependable, and delivering measurable value.”

When asked what was key to Ericom’s success Page said “Happy staff create happy customers is our internal focus, and Ericom’s external focus is helping customers find monetary savings in these tough times while deploying/upgrading technology to meet the new and fast changing landscape.”

Ericom is a fast-growing technology solutions company and a Telstra Enterprise Global Partner with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong, leveraging best of breed in connectivity, carriage, and multi-cloud strategies. They have a very experienced technical and professional services team providing managed services, professional services, managed mobility, and implementation across multiple vendors and leading software companies across the globe.

Both companies will officially be operating under the Ericom name from 1 July 2021.

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Shane O’Hearn and Kyle Page

Ericom set to deliver more services than ever

From the skies

From the skies

Technology and nature working at its best.

If ever there is a year that Australia has shown its resilience 2020 has to be a contender. The last 12 months have certainly produced a series of events that have tested even the strongest. From extreme weather conditions to the country shutting down from a global pandemic, 2020 has certainly left its mark.

Undoubtedly many of us recall the severe bushfire season which saw a state of disaster declared in most states throughout Australia. Hundreds of fires tor throughout the country leaving a path of charred devastation, shattered dreams, lost lives, and a mass toll on our wildlife populations. Images of our iconic koalas burnt and trying to flee smouldering landscapes are forever etched in our memories. It is estimated more than 12.6 million hectares burned and nearly 1.25 billion animals perished. Impactful statistics that are hard to imagine.

The focus of attention is now turned to ensuring long-term plans and projects are in place to restore and future-proof our forests and wildlife back to better than ever before. Ericom, one of Australia’s premier technology solutions companies, was approached by NSW based Tetra Tech to source and deliver specialised equipment that will assist their Eco Logical Australia division to measure current Koala and other native wildlife populations.

Tetra Tech’s CIO Henric Wettergren said “It was important for us to consider ways that would allow us to establish accurate data from areas that are not easily accessible to humans. We figured the most effective way to observe, was to head to the skies. When we contacted the team at Ericom and told them our mission, there was no question that their passion equalled ours”.

Human spotters make foreign noises when walking in bushland causing animals to forage and hide making it hard to keep score reliably. The introduction of cutting-edge drone technology allows the Eco Logical team to locate and count wildlife in a non-invasive and more accurate method.

The team turned to Rise Above, experts in custom drone solutions to help engineer the right technology for the task. Two different types of drones are being used as part of this project, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK features a heat signature camera that allows body heat tracking of an animal and is the latest commercial drone platform taking inspiration from modern aviation systems. The second drone is used to collect water samples allowing the team to quickly analyse the water quality ensuring it is safe for consumption. The DJI Matrice 600 has been especially helpful to get to hard-to-reach areas, it is also equipped with aerial photography capabilities.

Through continued innovation in technology, we are able to achieve greater insights into native animal species to monitor their health and the health of their habitat in an endeavour to protect them from extinction.

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True Partnerships

From the skies

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