Improve enterprise telephony by pairing MiCloud Connect with Microsoft Teams

Make the most of your communications investment without sacrificing enterprise telephony features.   

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past few years. As organisations begin to re-evaluate what their ‘new’ business model and policies will entail moving forward, one thing we all know is that the typical office structure has come and gone. In a knee jerk reaction, many businesses applied short-term fixes at rapid pace to facilitate remote working solutions merely to stay afloat. Now however, attention is focused on long-term technology strategies.  

One part of many business communications strategies that has come to the forefront over the past year is Microsoft Teams. A collaboration tool that comes with Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft Teams has a few limitations. Specifically, Microsoft Teams does not have full enterprise telephony functionality. 

A solution is at hand. To give Microsoft Teams users a true telephony option, Mitel has introduced MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams. 

MiCloud Connect and Microsoft Teams can be a powerful combination for your business providing a solution that integrates cloud telephony into the Teams interface to deliver a completely unified enterprise communication and collaboration experience. Best of all if you are an existing Microsoft Teams user no special licenses are required so scaling and customising solutions to meet your organisation’s every need can be achieved at no additional cost. 

With MiCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams you can enhance your investment in Microsoft with the telephony features your business needs to stay productive with a better experience. Now could be the time to re-evaluate communication workflows to ensure your business and team have the tools you need for long-term success. 

Integration options 

Click to dial and hotkeys 

  • Create hotkeys for dialling direct from the Microsoft Teams application  
  • With web diallers, get click-to-dial functionality when using the web-based Microsoft Teams application 

MiTeam meetings bot 

  • The Mitel Assistant is a bot that allows users to launch a MiTeam Meeting directly in the Microsoft Teams app through 1:1 or group chats. Users can easily escalate from chat to video 

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