It’s official, we’re one of the Best Places to Work

We’re pretty chuffed to be officially named among the top 40 places to work in the nation.

When we ventured into Australia’s Biggest Workplace Study with WRK+ we had two main objectives in mind: understanding what is most important to our team, and to gain insight as to where Ericom sits compared to other Australian workplaces. Earning a place on the coveted 2022 Best Places to Work list was the cherry on top.

The WRK+ benchmark survey provided us a unique opportunity to take a thorough look under the bonnet providing us clear visibility into our areas of strength and areas for opportunity to make Ericom even better. While 2022 was Ericom’s first year participating in a survey of this nature, we are no stranger to conducting our own staff happiness surveys. We have long understood that ‘happy staff’ are the backbone to our success.

We had responses from 97 per cent of our staff, who took the time to provide Ericom a rating on a whole range of areas, from interdepartmental cohesion to pay and sense of purpose. This participation from staff demonstrates the high level of engagement and team spirit we have here at Ericom.

Staff responses made up 60% of our final score, and company culture (based on our policies and ethos) made up 40% of our score.

We are proud of this outcome, but also inspired to lift that score even higher in the years to come. At Ericom, we like to set ambitious targets for our staff because we believe in their potential. But we also take the same approach to management, so it is our goal to keep working our way up that list. We know we can, and we know if we do, our staff and our customers will thank us.

We would like to congratulate and thank everyone who makes up Team Ericom, we are so proud of how you all shine and what you accomplish every day.

2022 saw 59,831 employees from 127 organisations participate in the WRK+ Best Places to Work study. 

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