Microsoft Surface Hub the future of collaboration is here

Unlock the power of your people with tech that brings meetings to life.

If there is one silver lining from the pandemic we’d like to celebrate, it’s the accelerated adoption of cloud tools that help teams collaborate more effectively and from anywhere.

In the past year we have seen so many businesses radically improve productivity by getting video conferencing and collaboration right. Staff can now work more flexibly from home, on-site or any other location. This change, long overdue for many companies, has reduced downtime, improved operational efficiency, boosted connectivity between interstate offices, saved money and minimised the risk of relying on on-site assets.
But as technology is always one step ahead, the reality is Microsoft Teams Calling for Office 365 is just the beginning of digital transformation for the modern-day hybrid office.

Cue the arrival early this year of the second generation of the Microsoft Surface Hub family, Microsoft Surface Hub S2 For Business.

Like a shared, floating PC with more collaboration features than any device your staff have laid their hands on, this virtual whiteboard-on-wheels really does take interactive meetings, video conferencing and remote teamwork to a whole new dimension.

It is no exaggeration to say a tool like this could be a game-changer for improving team cohesion and communication flow, and enhancing the way staff develop and execute their ideas. And what business doesn’t pine for all of that?

Hub S2 is essentially everything you could ask for to conduct a frictionless, immersive meeting with on-site staff, as well as remote team members dialing in from home or other office locations. Sixty percent lighter than its predecessor, Hub S2’s sleek, ultra-thin surface has one-touch access to natively run Microsoft Whiteboard and all the familiar Microsoft 365 apps including Teams, Office and Skype Calling for Business.

Every detail has been designed to make remote teamwork as vivid, interactive and seamless as possible – from the neat snap-back design of the detachable 4K camera to the precision-inking pen that tidies up your handwriting.

As a results-driven systems integrator hovering on the bleeding edge, we love nothing more than helping our clients make the right technology investments at the right time.

Extract the best the Hub has to offer with support from Ericom. Providing expertise in unified communications and software-integration, Ericom is now on board as a supplier of the Hub S2. We can seamlessly implement Hub S2 in your workplace, while also offering cost-effective managed service options that ensure you get the most out of this transformative tool.

If your business is about bringing teams together across office boundaries and helping them do their best work, Surface Hub 2S could deliver the next big breakthrough for your organisation. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Hub S2 in a nutshell

  • Available in 85” for larger rooms and 50” for smaller spaces with stand and trolley options
  • Brilliant 4K camera, far-field mics and crystal-clear speakers project larger than life image and sound quality from the meeting room to remote desks and back again
  • Hub S2 can be mounted on a wall or on wheels for added flexibility, making it suited to the post-pandemic office where hot-desking is more common and some offices have downsized
  • Interactive whiteboard tools like the Surface Hub 2S Pen provide a new perspective on familiar apps and promote higher levels of engagement and creativity – up to three pens can used simultaneously and the pen is so responsive it looks and feels like real ink on the screen
  • Two-hour battery charge, allowing for meetings to be conducted literally anywhere
  • One-touch access to all the familiar Microsoft apps without the need for any other device in the room
  • Creates a dynamic office energy, with team members moving around the screen while collaborating live with remote team members who appear crystal-clear on the screen
  • Promotes better comprehension, brainstorming, and problem-solving and more active participation from otherwise passive meeting members
  • Supports social distancing with less team members required in one space to conduct an engaging and productive meeting
  • Multiple screens can be tiled together or used side-by-side for a larger display
  • Empowers leadership to do more in a visually compelling way

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