Australian Steel Mill Services



Cyber Security


ASMS is a construction materials company specialising in steel mill services and other industrial solutions, where they produce road bases, cement, and agricultural products from recovered iron and steel resources. For over five years, ASMS has trusted Ericom for IT support and system management, ensuring smooth operations and security.

ASMS has been vigilant against online dangers, particularly social engineering, which manipulates individuals into divulging confidential information through tactics like phishing emails. Recently, our collaborative efforts addressed a potential threat, and ASMS has decided to implement additional security to further fortify their defences, ensuring they remain protected against such threats in the future.

The challenges


Ericom recommended implementing regular cybersecurity training, specifically focusing on phishing attacks and social engineering. The goal was to empower ASMS employees with the knowledge and skills needed to recognise and respond effectively to threats.


The cybersecurity training project was put together over 2 – 4 weeks. Initially, we focused on building and integrating the cybersecurity training platform into ASMS’s existing systems. This behind-the-scenes effort ensured minimal disruptions to their daily operations.

Once the groundwork was laid, we launched the first phishing simulation—a critical component of the training as it provided much-needed details on each employee’s existing knowledge of cyber threats. We pair simulations with quarterly training modules to ensure we don’t trick trainees; our training is designed to be easily understood and gradually increases in complexity. This approach ensures employees are guided step-by-step through the world of social engineering, enhancing their cybersecurity awareness. As employees progressed through the program, their vigilance sharpened, and they became adept at identifying suspicious emails and social engineering attempts.


Improved vigilance

Timely reminders

All ASMS employees became more adept at identifying suspicious emails and social engineering attempts Ericom’s automated reminders reinforced training and has been successful in keeping employees engaged.

Proactive protection

Detecting a missed sign-up, Ericom demonstrated their attentiveness by promptly resolving the issue before even ASMS were aware of it.