Camden Council

Camden Council stands as one of Australia’s fastest-growing local government areas, experiencing remarkable population and employee growth over the past 10 years with the team growing from 200 to 650 staff members. However, the council faced challenges in aligning its aging technology infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of a larger workforce.

The COVID-19 crisis and government requirements to move to the cloud exposed the limitations of the outdated platform, which did not provide the council enough flexibility for remote working conditions. The need to securely work from home, return to the office, and a hybrid of both accelerated Camden Council’s journey to the cloud.

With local government responsibilities on the horizon, Ericom faced a short timeframe to complete the solution. Following Camden Council’s tender process, Ericom and Telstra initiated the transition by expanding the existing Microsoft Teams telephony and introducing a new cloud-based contact centre powered by Genesys. This approach ensured seamless integration of the new cloud platforms while preserving the council’s existing phone numbers, minimising community disruption.

Ericom and Telstra remain committed to maintaining and evolving Camden Council’s telephony system by designing enhancements to the new platform. Phase 2 is about to begin, which aims to resolve a persistent challenge caused by the merger of two separate council offices into a single location, where users need to remember both extensions and the main number of the originating office for internal call transfers. By addressing this issue, the goal is to streamline internal transfers and improve communication within the council.

Through a collaborative partnership with Ericom and Telstra, Camden Council has successfully transitioned to a new cloud-based Microsoft and Genesys platform. This transformation empowers their staff to adapt to evolving work environments, aligning with the council’s work-from-home and flexible working strategy. With a continued focus on providing exceptional service and innovative solutions, Ericom remains the trusted technology partner for Camden Council.