Dialling Back and Leaping Forward

Remembering three-decades of mobility, from the nostalgic charm of pagers, to embracing the freedom of 5G.

by Dino Haritos

I’m taking a trip down memory lane to share some thoughts on how far we’ve come in the world of mobile technology. While I’m usually looking forward to the future, today feels like the right day to take a step back and appreciate the road so far.

I still remember the days when I was rocking a pager and jumping on my bike in a race against time to search high and low for those elusive red telephone booths. But those phone booths were far from private sanctuaries. We had to share them with the public, including vandals and eavesdroppers. You’d stand there, 50 cents in hand, wondering who else had shared this space with you.

Fast-forward to the analogue mobile phone era, where models like the 007 and 018 came onto the scene and changed everything. We were freed from the phone booth and had the power to connect wherever and whenever we pleased. It was the first time I considered a phone as an extension of myself.

Then came the digital mobility revolution, introducing us to 1G, 2G, and eventually 3G networks with better voice quality and range. Not to mention the birth of SMS! Once I got my first mobile car phone – the Uniden CP1000 – I was happy to wave goodbye to my pager in the rearview mirror.

And now 5G is supporting the flexibility of remote working, with video calling through Microsoft Teams available from the smart computers in our pockets. But as our phone upgrades give us more freedom every year, the more we’re connecting to public Wi-Fi networks when our mobiles aren’t performing at their best. It’s as if we’re stepping back in time and into the old phone booths – shared, and uncertain.

As connecting to public Wi-Fi can be risky business, cybersecurity is more crucial than ever. Freeing ourselves from the traditional office space goes hand-in-hand with a demand for enhanced protection. That’s where mobile threat defence and unified end-point management come into play. Think of them as an extra pair of hands that help safeguard against threats and emerging dangers.

Cheers to the past, the present, and the exciting future ahead. I can’t wait to see how technology will keep unleashing us, but let’s work together to keep the journey secure. Reach out to us at 1300 360 369 number to learn more about mobile threat defence.

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