Digital revolution in corrections

Driving transformation within correctional walls.

Revolutionising the prison system has been a topic of discussion for many years. The current prison system is often deemed inefficient, overcrowded, and unsafe for both staff and inmates. However, the advancements in technology have given rise to new solutions that are transforming correctional facilities from the ground up.

At Ericom, we understand the challenges faced by correctional facilities and, in collaboration with global leaders, have designed innovative solutions that provide greater control, security, and efficiency. In our latest article, we will explore the ways in which offender technologies are transforming correctional facilities and making them safer for everyone involved.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions

Mobile devices play an essential role in modern-day correctional facilities. They allow staff members to manage their daily tasks more efficiently and enable inmates to stay connected with their loved ones. However, unregulated phones and unauthorised access to the internet often lead to security risks. Correctional facilities can manage mobile devices in real-time, prevent unauthorised access, and block unwanted content.

Inmate tablets

In the past, communication between inmates and their loved ones was limited, often leading to isolation and depression. Tablet solutions allow inmates to access educational courses, stay in touch with their family and friends, and access a library of books – all while still being monitored by correctional facility staff. The implementation of Offender Technologies not only enhances the lives of inmates but also reduces stress on staff members who are relieved from the task of managing the distribution of physical books and paper.

Video visitation

Video visitation has become an essential tool for correctional facilities in recent years. It helps maintain communication between inmates and their loved ones, reduces the risk of smuggling contraband into the facility, and saves staff members time by reducing the need for physical visitation. Video visitation solutions go beyond traditional features, allowing inmates and their family members to communicate using a range of devices from any location, reducing the need for travel for the family members. Offender Technologies’ integrated capabilities enable real-time monitoring, capturing, and storage of inmate phone conversations, empowering facility staff to achieve enhanced efficiency and responsiveness in managing inmate communication.

Secure management

Maintaining control is paramount in correctional facilities. Transformative, multi-layered security solution processes all network traffic, allowing only requests and responses that meet predefined requirements to pass through. Extra threat measures ensure that any communications that could introduce risks such as spam or phishing, device-to-device communication, and file transfers are avoided. All the while, inmates can access locked-down content without navigating to tablet settings or the internet. This improves safety and provides a more cost-effective solution than traditional monitoring methods.

Ericom Offender Technologies is the right choice for you. We provide innovative technology designed specifically for correctional facilities that give control and connections without compromising security. Our technologies are transforming the prison system as we know it today with an intuitive user experience, complete data visibility, and more efficient processes.

With our products, prisons can easily acquire real-time insights into what’s happening in the inmate tablet technology environment from anywhere on any given device. Learn more about how Ericom’s Offender Technologies can help transform your correctional facility.

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