Enhance your customer engagement with CentrePal

Working from home can make customer engagement more challenging, it doesn’t need to be.

Industries are rapidly transitioning towards digitalising their customer service. Among the many digital platforms, Microsoft Teams is becoming popular in the market and is widely used by companies with a remote workforce. 

In this article, we introduce CentrePal, an add-on for Microsoft Teams that can enhance productivity and customer engagement. CentrePal records more details for each call received than the native Teams app and introduces call call wrap-up, wallboards, reporting, and advanced routing that can prioritise calls for an enhanced customer experience. 

Employers who have shifted to work-from-home (WFH) arrangements will find Centrepal helpful. It especially benefits those who render services in contact centres or administer customer service operations. 

Centrepal addresses these needs, ensuring workers are still productive, even working from home.

CentrePal’s advanced routing

CentrePal’s AI-powered advanced routing is excellent for managing vital calls as it prioritises caller needs and assigns them to respective operators or agents. This way, the calls can be transferred to the best team member that can cater to the customers’ needs accurately and promptly, improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

CentrePal add-on

Another amazing feature of CentrePal is its ability to record more details and insights than the native Teams app. CentrePal’s consistent data reports are especially useful for keeping track of service quality metrics and can be analysed to help you strategise and refine business processes.

CentrePal’s call wrap-up

Customer service teams can also benefit from CentrePal’s call resolution notes and reporting features. This feature is particularly significant because team members can document vital details to determine and address customer pain points accordingly. These details can be monitored to support employee evaluation and enhance customer service.

CentrePal Webchat

Recently, CentrePal launched its newest product – CentrePal Webchat, which is designed to work alongside the Teams app to provide website visitors with real-time communication through an integrated chat support facility. With the web chat, customers get immediate help without leaving the website, and businesses can deliver secure communication for better service experiences, improve customer engagement, and at the same time, increase revenue.

CentrePal’s innovative add-on provides businesses with the necessary tools to enhance customer engagement and employee productivity. It empowers users to track and manage customer calls with streamlined communication, improving the experience for WFH workers. Employers can monitor and evaluate their services with the app’s precise data-gathering abilities. Its easy integration makes it a must-have add-on for businesses with remote teams.

Learn more about CentrePal and how it can transform your team’s productivity and customer engagement by getting in touch with Ericom today on 1300 360 369.

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