M2K manages Jemena’s mobility services queue within our ServiceNow portal. The integration is achieved through direct vendor login and has enabled M2K to manage day-to-day requests and processing of tasks.

M2K attend to service faults, adds, moves and changes; provisioning of devices; billing analysis and billing credit issues directly to Telstra on behalf of Jemena.

Our team have visibility and transparency of all activities through updates to the tasks and requests, including tracking numbers and a link to Startrack’s online tracking portal.

Jemena has found the collaboration with M2K to be very beneficial – we have been able to leverage M2K’s expertise to assist our users with their day-to-day mobility needs. This support has reduced the burden on our internal Service Desk team and frees them to focus on their core business activities. M2K provides piece-of-mind to the IT teams, who know our end users are being directly kept up-to-date. We know M2K’s support is working thanks to the positive user experience feedback we receive.

Ericom acquired M2K in January 2020