Kyle Page’s journey to Telstra Hall of Fame

Shining a spotlight on the guide of the Ericom team

In the quiet town of Yeppoon, Queensland, an ambitious country kid named Kyle Page began his journey. Fast forward to today, and he stands as the proud recipient of the Telstra Hall of Fame award, a testament to his unwavering dedication and visionary leadership. Kyle’s story starts in the 1980s, cutting his teeth in the technology industry selling typewriters, fax machines, and dial-up internet. Little did he know that these early experiences would shape the foundation of a career marked by innovation.

M2K Acquisition

In a recent milestone, Kyle turned Ericom into a multi-state business by spearheading the acquisition of Victoria’s M2K. This strategic move aimed to address gaps within Telstra and the broader industry. This allowed Kyle to empower his dedicated team, entrusting them with the reigns to manage Ericom while giving him the opportunity to explore new formulas in a fresh territory.

Winning the Offender Technology Tender

Kyle’s leadership played a crucial role in Ericom’s victory in the Offender Technology tender for NSW. Breaking a 20-year dominance by NEC and Optus, Ericom demonstrated their deep knowledge of PABX and UC solutions for the NSW Department of Justice, allowing the team to deliver innovative solutions under the new tender. Today, NSW stands as a world leader in inmate-in-cell technology, delivering better outcomes for communities.

“Invisible Excellence” – A Mantra for Success

Kyle executed the Ericom board’s strategy by prioritising Telstra and recurring contracts, driving revenue, profitability, employee retention, and customer experience. At the core of their success is the mantra of “Invisible Excellence,” a guiding principle shaping behaviour at all levels of the company. As Kyle aptly puts it, “Happy staff deliver happy customers who look to buy more from a trusted partner.”

A CEO Proud of His People

Today, Kyle takes pride not just in the projects Ericom undertakes but in the independent initiatives of his dedicated team. Family values have been the bedrock of Ericom from the start and that remains intact, fostering a sense of belonging among both seasoned and new team members. “I am proud we have maintained our family values approach to life and business as we have grown. Ericom is a family values-based business, true to its word,” reflects Kyle. His pride extends to the long-standing relationships with key figures like Tony Economos, Murat Aydemir, Shane O’Hearn, and Matt Redpath, relationships that have endured for over 25 years.

As Kyle Page stands in the Hall of Fame, his journey from a tech-savvy country kid to the CEO of a $50 million company is not just a personal triumph but a narrative of Ericom’s innovation, and commitment to excellence. The story continues, and with Kyle at the helm, the future is bound to be as bright as his Queensland spirit.”

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