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At the end of 2023, we gathered in our company meeting to discuss a matter that continues to weigh heavily on my mind – cybersecurity. Whether following Australian regulations or using online technology to connect with our customers and suppliers, we cannot be a part of the Australian ecosystem without digital tools, and as we navigate the digital landscape, I am compelled to underline the significance of this issue.

I want to stress an uncomfortable truth – our company’s biggest weakness is every single one of us.

Yes, you read it right. It’s not advanced hacking techniques or sophisticated malware programs that pose the most significant threat to our organisation. Not even the relentless hackers tirelessly attempting to infiltrate our systems. It’s us, the people who touch so much of the technology that runs this business.

I know it’s a cliché to say that I’ve seen the fax machine and countless other innovations come and go. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s how breathtakingly faster we move onto the next big thing compared to back then. This speed is just the norm as we increase connectivity and reliance on digital tools. But another norm is our constant engagement with technology, whether sending an email or clicking a link. This can be the very action that pulls down the robust system we’ve built.

One such danger is social engineering – hackers use it to manipulate individuals into revealing confidential information. It’s a psychological game where hackers prey on our trust and exploit human vulnerabilities. They use fatigue to get to people, popping up the same message 20 or 30 times until it seems normal and we let our guards down. That’s when they strike, using fraudulent emails or messages that appear legitimate and tricking recipients into divulging sensitive information – also known as phishing attacks.

To help us combat this endeavour, we offer penetration testing and white-hacking services. These tests simulate real-world hacking attempts, enabling us to gauge our preparedness and resilience and improve our defences.

As we march into 2024, let’s remember that cybersecurity is not merely an IT issue – it’s a business survival issue. It’s about safeguarding our livelihood. Take the lessons learnt by family and friends as they continue to be tricked by not just hackers but also the most brilliant impersonation actors.

Please take cybersecurity seriously, stay informed, and remain vigilant. Let’s ensure that we’re not the weak link in our chain. Let’s protect our company, our customers, ourselves, and our families.

Stay safe,

Kyle Page

CEO, Horizon365

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