Optimise your remote workforce environment

Ready to make the transition to a home-based workspace?

Working from home has become the norm for many businesses and their teams recently, leveraging digital tools, hardware products, and collaboration software to make sure that their staff can work seamlessly between home, office, and on-road. To help you make the transition more effectively and efficiently, read on to learn more about creating a modern workplace at home.

There are plenty of benefits that come with having a mobile workforce. For starters, it can save you money on office rent and utilities. It can also reduce commute times for employees, which means more time spent being productive instead of stuck in traffic. Plus, it can make it easier to recruit talent from further away – no longer confined by geographical boundaries.

Setting up a modern workplace at home doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require some thought and planning ahead of time. By investing in the right tools such as asset management systems, collaboration software and security measures like MFA/2FA, companies can make sure that their staff can work securely from anywhere while still staying connected with colleagues no matter where they’re located geographically.

Asset management

Having the right asset management system in place is essential for any business transitioning to a remote workforce. It’s important that your assets, such as laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices, are tracked properly. This way, teams can be sure they have everything they need to do their jobs from wherever they are located. Additionally, asset management helps ensure that all of these assets are secure if an employee leaves or their laptop is stolen or lost.

Collaboration software

Collaboration software is an invaluable tool for businesses with remote teams. It allows teams to easily share documents, communicate via instant messaging or video conferencing, assign tasks, and track progress on projects without ever having to leave their homes. This kind of software is especially important when working with people who are located in multiple locations or time zones. It makes it easy for everyone to stay connected even when they’re not in the same room.

Security measures

When dealing with confidential data or sensitive information, security measures must be taken seriously. That means implementing measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA). MFA requires users to provide two different forms of identification before being granted access; this could include a combination of passwords/PINs and biometric data like fingerprints or facial recognition. 2FA requires users to provide another form of authentication after entering their initial credentials; this could include entering a code sent via text message or email before being able to access certain files or systems. Both MFA and 2FA help protect companies from potential hacks by making it harder for malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data stored on computers or networks.

The team at Ericom provides modern technology solutions to enable companies and their teams to work seamlessly between home, office, on-road, or any other location. We provide market-leading collaboration software like Microsoft Teams for secure communication and asset management tools that enable teams to work together effectively even when they’re not in the same room. Our experienced team is available to help every step of the way from setting up your system to providing ongoing technical support services when needed. Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help set up your professional home office!

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