Preserving the planet, protecting your data

The technology industry is rapidly evolving, with new devices hitting the market every day. While this is great news for us technology enthusiasts, it also contributes to a significant environmental concern: e-waste. Ericom is committed to ensuring our technology solutions are sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is why we work with Renew IT, who offers eco-friendly disposal of old technology while being aware of security risks. Read on to take a closer look at Renew IT and how they are spearheading the movement in device recycling.

The future of technology

In today’s fast-paced world, future-proofing your company is no longer solely about keeping up with the latest technology. With each upgrade, it’s crucial to consider what to do with outdated devices. A thoughtful method of e-waste management is an essential step towards sustainability, and not just through recycling and reusing. Traditional disposal methods are unfitting for e-waste, as reckless dismantling can harm our planet and communities. By choosing a thoughtful and responsible approach to handling e-waste, you not only contribute to environmental preservation but also protect valuable resources for future generations.

Who is Renew IT?

As a global leader in sustainable IT solutions, Renew IT aims to help businesses minimise their environmental footprint while reducing costs and enhancing security through their device recycling program. By disposing with Renew IT, you gain access to a comprehensive solution for your old hardware. They will arrange a pickup of your outdated devices, ensuring the secure removal of any data before refurbishing them for resale or ethically recycling them. With Renew IT, you can be confident that your old devices are not contributing to e-waste and that any sensitive data has been securely removed.


Renew IT & UNSW Smart Lab have formed a collaboration extracting rare earth metals and separating toxins and plastics in e-waste to create feedstock to supply back into the manufacturing supply chain. This zero waste approach is the first of it’s kind in the technology industry and is proudly Australian owned IP. The first Micro Factorie to take advantage of this collaboration will shortly launch at Renew IT’s Technical Facility in Lane Cove, Sydney.

Safe and secure

Security is a critical concern when it comes to device recycling, and when you dispose of your old devices, you want to be sure that any sensitive data has been completely wiped. This is why Renew IT offers certified data wiping as part of its e-waste management. Secure data destruction protects your business’s confidential information and ensures compliance with data protection regulations. Renew IT has even combined refurbishing and reselling old hardware with safe disposal. Now your sustainable business practices can be secure, easy, and cost-effective.

Device recycling with Renew IT is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to providing sustainable technology solutions with minimal environmental impact. We’re proud to work with the team as they lead the way in eco-friendly disposal and encourage other businesses to do the same. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how your business can be part of the solution.

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