The Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) aspires for all Victorians to be healthy, safe and able to lead a life they value. DHHS deliver policies, programs and services that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

Like many government departments and Australian businesses, moving to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) presented new challenges for DHHS. It needed to provide its employees with fast, mobile access to online tools to facilitate their professional development and improve communication during the transition period.

DHHS engaged Telstra and M2K to develop a mobility-based solution, including the delivery of 600 mobile devices. Telstra and M2K were selected in part for their experience successfully implementing similar solutions for government and private sector customers.

Telstra and M2K conducted extensive discovery sessions to better understand DHHS’ challenges, end user requirements and environment. Building on this knowledge, they delivered a solution that included pre-staging, deployment and a centrally-managed platform. The solution design was kept simple to support a positive user experience and drive adoption – the end user experience was absolutely front of mind.

With this knowledge, the solution delivered was pre-staging, deployment and an ongoing centrally managed platform.

The outcome has been the successful delivery of 600 devices with a positive take-up by end users. The thoroughness and time invested upfront was critical to minimise device issues. M2K have provided proactive reporting and have been responsive to the changing needs of DHHS, always with the end user in mind.

Through True Partnership, Telstra and M2K have worked collaboratively with DHHS to identify our challenges, provide a clear and targeted solution and have delivered exceptional outcomes for DHHS and our teams. We are looking forward to our next project.

Ericom acquired M2K in January 2020