Turning tassels and taking on new roles

Discover how Ericom transformed my post-graduation plans into a marketing adventure!

by Aliesha Farrington – Marketing Associate

It’s official! I’ve finally emerged from the trenches with double bachelors in Marketing and Social Media from Swinburne University. My rollercoaster through education has been filled with years of hard work and is a testament to the incredible support that Ericom has provided me, sticking by my side like a true ride-or-die.

Throughout my educational journey, Ericom has been more than an employer; they’ve been a partner in my success story. Just earlier this year, they gave me a taste of the magic that is the marketing team when I completed a mind-blowing 3-month part-time internship.

The thrill of crafting killer events, deep diving into online content, and strategically sprinkling our brand into the industry ignited a fire within me that couldn’t be extinguished.

And guess what happened next? Ericom recognised my passion and potential and said, “Aliesha, let’s make some marketing magic together!” Who am I to say no to that?

So, now’s my chance to upgrade my graduation announcement as I’m thrilled to announce that I’m officially joining the marketing team at Ericom!

To my colleagues, you have been my partners in crime. Together, we’ve conquered client services, navigated the twisty road of buzzwords (like how long it took me to understand “BAU”), and shared countless laughs. I am stoked that Ericom has given me the chance to grow, without having to lose my connection to you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and here’s to new beginnings. Stay tuned for more updates, because now it’s my turn to support Ericom into our exciting adventures ahead!

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